R&D tax credits

R&D tax relief

We can help you obtain tax relief on your Research & Development Projects

Like many of our clients, your initial thought when thinking of R&D tax credits is likely people in white overalls working in a lab somewhere, and that this doesn’t apply to your business. ¬†Our advice is – do not automatically rule yourself out.

We have helped a swathe of our clients claim generous tax credits available from HMRC for projects such as deploying new IT systems which help streamline internal processes, developing solutions to problems not readily available off-the-shelf, innovating new products which don’t already exist on the marketplace or offer substantial innovations over others already available.

Polling of UK businesses suggest 4 in 5 are missing out on eligible claims because Directors are ruling themselves out as not being eligible for a claim, and their companies’ existing accountants not advising such a claim should be considered in relevant circumstances.

We have successfully helped our clients claim tens of thousands of pounds worth of tax credits in recent years on a no-win, no-fee basis.

R&D Tax Relief Experts

We can help you claim up to a whopping 230% R&D tax relief on staff costs and director’s remuneration costs, materials and software used in developing prototypes, and also a substantial proportion of any outsourced development costs for SMEs. ¬†Larger companies and SMEs in receipt of notifiable State Aid are also eligible for tax relief under a different regime, known as the RDEC Tax Credit scheme.

So if you have recently spent time either internally or on an outsource basis improving your internal systems, streamlining existing manufacturing processes, developing new products which a competent professional wouldn’t readily deduce, or similar where there has been a degree of trial and error involved, please get in touch with us for a FREE discovery meeting to ensure you are not part of the 4 in 5 of businesses who are missing out.